Sunday, March 22, 2009

Favorite Disney Moment Ever

Back in my post about which restaurants we planned to eat at, I mentioned that The California Grill was one of my favorite restaurants as I had a my ultimate...make that most "Magical" Disney experience at the restaurant. Well, before I could write this post, I had to scan something in, as the story requires proof. This past weekend, I was able to find the 5 minutes I needed to scan the item. Here's the story....

During our second trip to Disney World we decided to use two table services and eat at one of the Signature restaurants. We decided upon The California Grill, as I had heard many great things about the restaurant and the view was supposed to be spectacular.

Needless to say, we weren't disappointed. The food is great. They have wonderful flat bread pizzas and some of the best sushi I have ever had. The sushi chef is apparently world renown and unique as the chef is a woman, which is unheard of in the Japanese cuisine world.

The view... well what can you say about a view of the Magic Kingdom from high above. If you book the correct time and ask for the right table, you can view the fireworks while having dessert. If you can't get a time during the fireworks, you are allowed to use the rooftop platform.

But this story really isn't about the food and the view. It is about who we met.

The restaurant has tables up against the window and about 2-3 rows of tables which go towards the middle where the open kitchen is stationed. We sat in the "2nd" row of tables from the window. While in the middle of our appetizer course, I overheard a father at the table next to us tell his kids, "That gentleman by the window, is Mr. Disney." Of course, when I heard this, I perked up and scanned the room.

On my initial scan, I didn't recognize "Mr. Disney" and thought the father was kinda crazy. I gave another scan of the room....and sure enough, seated with his back to window, eating alone was Roy Disney! Wow!! I couldn't believe my eyes! Of course, I haven't met many "famous" people before in my life, so there was no way I was going to pass this opportunity up. He finished his dinner well before us and I quickly found something he could sign, if he happened to walk by our table. Luckily, he walked right by us and with a quick, "Excuse me sir, would you mind signing this?", I had met a Disney! Here's the proof:
Obviously, nothing will every top that dining experience!

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