Tuesday, March 10, 2009

D23--Not so great for International Fans!

Disney finally launched D23 today.

If you aren't an avid Disney fan and a reader of the many Disney blogs out there, D23 was publicized on the web for about 2 months, with a simple website asking, "Are you 23?" Many rumours surrounded the website and what D23 was, from a big release of Disney DVD's to an exclusive club. Well, the latter was true. D23 is the ultimate Disney Fan Club, run by Disney.

This really isn't the first fan club that Disney has run. There was once the Magic Kingdom Club, which provided discounts on merchandise and other things. There is the Walt Disney Collector's Society (the official club of the Walt Disney Classics Collection), but it is no longer run by Disney, but rather by Enesco.

I won't get into the details of D23, but all I will say it is a Disney Fan's dream come true..... Except for this Disney fan!!!

To join, you purchase your membership from Disney Shopping. So, I had my credit card out, ready to purchase and made it all the way to the payment screen, to see a shipping fee of $50. $50 shipping for a $75 purchase?!?!? And US residents get free shipping??? Someone want to tell me how that is fair? I can understand that shipping outside the US is a little more expensive, but I live in Canada not eastern Europe or Australia. It is free to ship to Niagara Fall, New York, but costs $50 to get it over the border. In addition, with the currency exchange, my total cost would have come to about $160 Canadian, more than double the US cost.

Needless to say, until Disney does something about the shipping costs, I will not be a member of D23.


  1. I am completely with you at $75 US I thought this was expensive but I was willing to give them one year to try it out. When I saw the shipping cost to Canada I was floored too. So far the response from Disney is that it is for the Membership Kit must be very large to justify the $50.

  2. Probably charging duties and taxes in there as well..you know our gov't has to have their cut even if it is just a membership kit.