Friday, March 13, 2009

D23 update--Good improvement but not great!

Just a quick update on the shipping fees for Canadians wanting to sign-up for a D23 membership. I received a phone call back from Disney Shopping on the $50 shipping fees and apparently there were enough of us that complained, that they relooked at the cost and decided to lower the cost. Now, Canadians (not sure about other countries) will have to pay only $25 for shipping. Like I said in my title, this is a good change but not a great change, considering Americans receive free shipping.

They have already made the change, so if you go to purchase your membership now, the shipping fees are lower.

So, have I purchased my membership yet? No. I still want to see what I'm getting and if it is worth $135 Canadian. What is the likely hood that I will purchase it? Pretty good......

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