Wednesday, March 24, 2010

May 2009 Disney Trip Purchase Summary

Now that I'm finally finished (well almost) my daily reports from my trip a year ago, it's time to share what I actually bought at Disney World!
First up, the first two issues of Twenty-Three:

Since I didn't become a D23 member until the fall, I was itching to purchase the first 2 issues. I found issue #2 at the Vero Beach Resort gift shop (the name of the shop escapes me...). The premiere issue was purchased in the Disney Store in the Florida Mall in Orlando

Of course no trip to Disney World is complete without purchasing a few t-shirts:

I purchased these two in the Island Mercantile store, in Adventureland. The Jessica Rabbit caught my eye as you don't see enough Jessica merchandise!

The third shirt was purchased at Buffalo Jeans. I really like the Oswald character and it has become one of my favorite shirts to wear around the house. Very comfortable and stylish!

On previous trips, I started a tradition of buying polo shirts at each resort I stayed in. For this trip, I changed that tradition and started buying ball caps.

I also decided to start another new tradition of buying Mickey Ears:

Of course the blue ones are my son's. The Steamboat Willie hat was a good find and it was on sale!

I also bought my first Olszewski pieces: the Tiki room Pokit pal and the first of the series Haunted Mansion Pokit pal.

No trip would be complete without buying some pins to add to my collection.

In addition to buying hats of resorts I stay at, I also buy a pin from the resort.

I also love buying books and CD's from the parks. One great find was the Nemo book.

I purchased the World's Fair CD set. I know I probably could have purchased it for a cheaper price on Amazon, but I wanted to get it in person to make sure the packaging was in good shape.

A new collection (groan...) that started this trip was my Vinylmation collection. While I do have a couple of the 3 inch pieces from the first Park Series, that someone brought back for me, I was only able to find a few 9 inch pieces. I think that is a good thing, or I would have bought a whole tray to bring home!!

Finally, some rare finds: first off, I found this great key chain in the Boardwalk Resort gift shop that is located on the Boardwalk. I was looking for something for my nephews and found this little gem. It's an old style mini slide viewer with pictures from each of the parks. What's special about it, is that it has a picture of the Great Movie Ride without the hat and pictures of animals that don't look like they were taken at Animal Kingdom. My guess is that they are stock photos that were used as teasers.

I found these ceramic tiles/trivets in the store that is at the exit of Mickey's Philarmagic. You don't see a lot of Three Cabelleros, so this was a good find.

Finally, the item that I was really hoping to purchase while on my trip: Gnome Mickey! I saw this item on the Art of Disney Parks website, when they announced the EPCOT Flower and Garden Expo. I looked all over for this gem and finally found what I believe was the last one at the International Gateway gift shop. I unfortunately did not get the original box with it, but I really didn't care since it was the last one!!!

Well, that's it. Now that I have my next trip planned, I have to start my new shopping list.

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