Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 10: Meeting up with old Friends

May 11, 2009

Magic Kingdom
Disney's Hollywood Studios

Since we had already gone to all the parks in our first four days, we decided it was time to head back to the Magic Kingdom. We were also meeting up with Ken and Khristine and their kids for lunch. Ken, Khristine and I met while working together at the Disney Store. Ironically, we see each other only once or twice a year, so meeting up with them at Disney World was special.

We got out of the room at a decent time and hopped on the bus. We hit Main Street at a good time and headed to the Bakery for breakfast.

After our bite to eat, we walked up the rest of Main Street towards Fantasyland via Adventureland and Liberty Square as the Castle was closed and they also had a section of the "hub" closed off due to a mysterious back-pack left unattended. Interestingly, they made it look like a normal occurrence while maintaining safety.

We went on the Carousel first. Both Charlotte and Graydon loved it! Steve wanted to take Charlotte on Dumbo, so Janice and I went into the store that is right off of Mickey's Philarmagic attraction exit. I was able to find a nice set of three trivets of the Three Caballeros. There was also a great t-shirt of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, but they didn't have any my size (post trip note: I was able to order the shirt from the mail order service.)

Steve eventually came off the carousel, as the line up was too long for Dumbo. We headed towards the Mad Hatter Tea Cups. Again Janice and I opted out as Graydon was asleep and I would have lost my breakfast on the tea cups.

Before we hit Tomorrowland, Steve and Charlotte went on the Tomorrowland Speedway, which was perfect timing, as Graydon was ready for his snack. Once we met back up, we went on one of my favorite rides in the Magic Kingdom, the Carousel of Progress. As outdated some of the sections are, it is still a classic.

We finished the morning off with the Buzz Lightyear ride. It was getting close to lunch time and we needed to get to Cosmic Rays to meet Ken and Khristine. We arranged to meet near Sunny Eclipse. It was really busy, so it was difficult to get tables close to each other. We finally met up and had a good time sharing some stories of our trip so far.

We eventually bid our farewells and made our way back to Adventureland for one more ride on Pirates of the Caribbean and then stopping for the best snack in WDW: a Dole Whip Pineapple Float! It was a hot enough day that the treat went down nicely. I really wish they sold the snack in the other parks. Steve and Charlotte decided to head back to the room early, so Janice and I decided to walk through all the stores on Main Street.

Once done our shopping we bid a tearful goodbye to the Magic Kingdom, as we figured we wouldn't be back there for the rest of the trip. We had another eventful bus ride back to the resort. For some reason the bus service to and from our resort was a mess!

I failed to mention that after I complained on Saturday night to the resort manager, I received a call from a manager of Disney Transportation. He was very apologetic after he heard about our plight. He ended up giving us four special Fast Passes that could be used by our entire group at any park and they had no expiry date.

We lounged around the room and pool before heading to Hollywood Studios for dinner at 50's Prime Time cafe. I always enjoy eating there as the food is good and the cast really ham it up.

Tonight was no exception! I noticed that at the end of our main course, Janice had not eaten all of her vegetables. I quietly pointed it out to our waiter who proceeded to play air plane with her fork and food. Janice played along but she was not impressed with me.

After dinner, Steve headed to Star Tours (another ride I end up sick after riding), while Janice, the kids and I headed back towards the Art of Disney. We had to exchange one of the nine inch Vinylmations, as the box for the original was damaged.

We met back up with Steve at the Sorcerer's hat and decided to go on Toy Story Midway Mania one more time. We knew the line up would be long so we decided to use one of the special fast passes. I'm glad we did, as the ride is a lot of fun.

We finished the night with a quiet boat ride back to the resort, where we called it a night as we needed to get our rest for another day of fun.

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