Friday, January 30, 2009

Try the Grey Stuff. It's Delicious. Don't Believe Me? Ask the Dishes!

With only 96 days to go, I'm quickly approaching my window to make dining reservations. And if you have ever made dinner reservations at Disney World, you will know this is one of the more stressfull parts of the planning.

Up until the Disney Dining Plans were introduced, my Disney World dining experience was minimal. I had eaten at the likes of San Angel Inn, 50's Prime Time Cafe and the Biergarten (when it wasn't a buffet). Now with the plan, I have eaten at almost all restaurants in EPCOT and restaurants I could usually not afford.

This will be the 4th trip we have made on the dining plan, and over the last 3 we have tried new ones each time. For this trip, we will have to limit our travel, since we will have two toddlers. With that in mind, here are the 4 restaurants I have planned so far:

1. Le Cellier (EPCOT, Canadian pavillion)
Le Cellier is by far, our favorite restaurant in all of Disney World. I know it sounds ridiculous that my favorite restaurant is in Canada and it may sound a little biased, but believe me, the food is spectacular. This isn't your typical steak house. Filet Mignon on mushroom risotto.... Do I have to say anymore?!?!? The wait staff is also one of the best in the entire resort.

Le Cellier is also one of the more popular restaurants, so this will be the first one I reserve. If you have ever eaten there, you know that most or all walk-up guests get turned away, as they are always full.

This will also be probably the highlight of our trip, as I'm going to try and reserve Le Cellier for Janice's birthday.

2. San Angel Inn (EPCOT, Mexico pavillion)
Another favorite. We actually didn't eat at San Angel Inn last trip, as we tried a lot of new restaurants. Again, great food (I love mexican and hardly get to eat it), but more importantly, great ambience. You truly feel like you are sitting outside in a square, somewhere in Mexico. As an added bonus, you can get some great entertainment while waiting for your table, as sometimes you have to wait awhile and some guests don't like to wait. Oh the arguements I have seen......

3. The Wave (Contemporary Hotel)
This is a new restaurant for us. The Wave replaced the Concourse Steakhouse about a year ago. I have heard really good reviews of this restaurant, so I'm excited to try it.

4. Tutto Italia (EPCOT, Italy pavilion)
This is a somewhat new restaurant for us. We had dined at the previous Italian restaurant (Alfredo's), which I thought was ok, but not fantastic. Since they have switched over, I have heard good things. My brother ate there last summer and really enjoyed it (he is a somewhat picky eater BTW).

That's all we have planned so far. I need to narrow down 3 more choices. I say 3, as one of them will be a Disney Signature restaurant (which requires 2 table services). The others we are considering are (signature choices in italics):
Spoodles (which we will probably book)
Chefs de France (another one we love)
50's Prime Time Cafe (always a fun dinner)
Liberty Tree Tavern
Flying Fish Cafe
California Grill (another favorite, where I had my ultimate Disney expereince...but that is another post)
Artist Point

If you have insight into my above choices or any other suggestions, please let me know.

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