Monday, December 22, 2008

Only 135 more days till Graydon's 1st Trip

This is my son, Graydon:


He's only 5 months old, so for obvious reasons, he has never been to Disney World.

I, on the other hand have been a total of 11 times. My last trip was October of 2007, with my wonderful wife Janice.


We decided that come May, we would be ready for a vacation and it was the best time to take Graydon on his first trip to the most magical place on earth. Our plans are this:
  • Drive for 3 days
  • Spend 2 nights at Disney's Vero Beach resort (which I have never been to, but that's another blog entry...)
  • Spend 8 nights at Walt Disney World Resort
  • Take 3 days to drive home.

Now I know what you are all thinking: why the heck would you drive for 3 days with a 10 month old, and go on a trip such as this, that he will never remember??? Here are my reasons:

  • We both love Disney World. Since we were married, we have been 3 times in 4 years.
  • We could not turn up the most recent offer of buy 4 nights and get 3 nights free
  • The timing was perfect, as Janice will not have to use any vacation days, as she is still on Maternity leave.
  • We are taking 3 days to drive (we have done it in 2 days before) because we figured we could stop more often to stretch our legs and Graydon would handle the drive better
  • Graydon will be free at Disney World.
  • I have seen children only a few months old at Disney World before.
  • This blog will allow him to look back and see what his first trip to Disney World was like.

In my opinion, the above are good enough reasons. And if the above reasons are not good enough, well.... IT IS WALT DISNEY WORLD! WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO GO!!!

So, please join me on my journey as I write about the planning involved with Graydon's first trip and the days spent at my most favorite place in the world!

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  1. You just want an excuse to go so you are using your son as an excuse (hahaha) Enjoy the drive and make sure you go down I75, there is a book for that route that tells you ALL the stops/shops.